Frequently Asked Questions

Q.How Do I Reserve an Item?
A.- The easiest way to book an inflatable amusement or any of our other services is to book online. Our booking form will ask you for all of the information we will need to process your reservation for the amusements and/or products you request.

- If you need assistance with booking with us, or have any questions, you can call us at (910) 466-8006. We would love to hear from you and help answer all questions you may have and assist you with the booking process if you would like.

- You can check the availability of all of our amusements and products directly online by clicking on either the "Order By Date" button on our home page, or the "Book Now" buttons under each item in our category pages.

- You can reserve one of our exciting amusements or other products up to 48 hours prior to the date you are looking to reserve. If you are looking inside of the 48 window, please call us (910) 466-8006 to inquire if the item is available and to get our assistance with booking if it is.
Q.How Do I Pay for My Order?
A.- When you book with us you will be asked to pay a 25% deposit to lock in the amusement and date of your choice. Our site will not allow you to book without making the deposit payment.

- Questions regarding our cancellation and inclement weather policies can be answered in other sections of our FAQ.

- You will receive automated balance due reminders, either by texts or emails, prior to the date of your rental. These communications will provide details on how to make your final payments.

- We do not take payment card details over the phone for the safety and security of our customers.

- We do not accept personal checks, but will accept checks drawn on official School, Business or Non-Profit Accounts.

- PLEASE NOTE: All payments must be made in full before we will set up any amusements or equipment when we arrive on the day of your event. In person we can either take a card payment electronically, or we can accept cash. Cash payments must be made in exact change, as our staff will not carry change.
Q.What is your Cancellation Policy?
- Requests to cancel a reservation must be sent to Silly Hopper's either by voice call at (910) 466-8006, or by email at

- Requests made a minimum of seven (7) days prior to your reserved date will receive a refund of all payments made minus the amount paid as the security deposit at the time of booking. The amount of the security deposit paid at booking will be held and can be used to reschedule your reservation for another available date within one (1) year from the date of the original date. If you made a full payment at the time of booking, we will calculate the 25% deposit amount and hold that amount from your refund. That amount held will be handled in the same manner.

- Requests made fewer than seven (7) days prior to your reserved date will receive a refund of all payments made minus the amount paid as the security deposit. Security deposits made for reservations cancelled with fewer than (7) days from your reserved date will be forfeited.

- Cancellations made on the day of your event will result in the forfeiture of the security deposit plus a $75 late cancellation fee

- For questions and more information on our policy regarding Inclement Weather, please see our Inclement Weather section on our FAQ page.
Q.Does the price include set up and delivery?

- Setting up and taking down your rented amusements and equipment is included in the price of your rental. However, we do charge a delivery and fuel surcharge based on your location. Our system will add in your delivery fee based on your zip code and will be detailed on your check out form. These delivery charges have unfortunately become necessary due to the current cost of fuel.

- If you do not see your location on our website, please call us at (910) 466-8006 so we can determine for you what service area option you fall into.

-- On heavily booked days we may need to arrive as early as 8am to set up your location so we have time to set up all of our customers in time.

- Some situations may require us to deliver your amusements and or equipment the evening before your event date. In these cases, we will either set up, or just drop off your amusement and equipment and have a team return the next morning to set up.


At Silly Hopper's we understand that you will have many things to do the day of your event. So for that reason we provide Hopper's Gold Standard Delivery and will always deliver and handle all of the set up and collection of your booked amusements and equipment. We rather you focus on doing what is the most important of all things party related: Making sure your guests have a great time.

Gold Standard Delivery: We will have all of our day's scheduled rentals delivered and set up by 12pm. We will start early and schedule all customers to ensure we have you set up by noon. Schedules will be based on number and locations of the day's rentals. If we arrive anytime prior to 11:30 to have you set up by noon, there will not be any additional charges. You will receive a delivery window 24-48 prior to your event. If you require or desire an earlier, or guaranteed set up time, check out our Platinum Delivery

Platinum Delivery: Hopper's Platinum Delivery is an add on premium service that will guarantee that we have you set up on time, for the time you request at check out, before our after our standard set up time of 12pm noon. The current price of Hopper's Platinum Delivery option will be displayed during the check out process and allow you to add it on as a premium service if you choose This premium service is great for Parks, Schools, Churches and Businesses that may need set prior to noon guaranteed, or may need us to set up later than noon because of the time of your event All rentals held in a park must have the Platinum Delivery added on as we can not set up at a park without the renters present and remaining on site.

Collection: Unlike most other bounce house rental companies we rent our amusements for the entire day. We will begin our collections at 8:00pm in the summer, 7pm in the spring, 6pm in the fall and 5pm in the winter, unless you request that we pick up earlier. These times are our latest collection time. however, depending on the number of collections and distances between them, it may be later than the established time when we arrive. If you would like to add an additional time with your unit past the standard collection time, you can add on Hopper's Fun Inflator as an add on as you check out. Hopper's Fun Inflator will allow you to keep the unit over night, with a pick up time between 9am and 11 am the next day. The current price of Hopper's Fun Inflator will be displayed during check out.
Q.What is your Inclement Weather Policy?
- For Inclement Weather events, we will extend our minimum cancellation window to three (3) days prior to your reserved date. This will allow you to cancel up to three (3) days prior to your event date with a refund of all payments made. This will include the 25% security deposit made being refunded, unless you would like to reschedule, in which case we will roll your deposit over to your newly selected reservation date.

- For cancellations made with fewer than three (3) days from your reserved date, due to Inclement Weather, we will refund all payments made minus the 25% security deposit paid. If you paid in full, we will calculate the 25% security deposit and minus that amount from your refund. Security deposits for cancellation with fewer than three (3) days from your reserved date will be forfeited.

- If you wait to cancel until the date of your event. to verify the weather conditions, we will issue you a refund of payments made minus the amount of the 25% security deposit plus a $75 late cancellation fee.

- If it is raining at the start time of your event, and you believe the weather will clear later in the day, we can reschedule your delivery and set up time. If you do so, and the rain does not dissipate, we can refund all payments made minus the total of your security deposit plus a $75 late cancellation fee.

- If you wish to reschedule your event due to inclement weather, we can hold and transfer all money paid to your rescheduled event date.

- We will not be able to set up our inflatable amusements when it is actively raining, Sever Weather Warnings have been issued for your location, or if sustained wind gusts are, or are forecasted to be, 15 mph or greater.

- Silly Hopper's has the right to cancel the delivery and set up of inflatable amusements due to inclement weather conditions as listed, but not limited to, those explained above.

- If Silly Hopper's must cancel your event we will refund the full amount of all payments received. We will not hold or forfeit any security deposits.
Q.How Long is Your Rental Period?
A.- Unlike many of our competitors, our rentals are for the entire day. That's up to 2 - 4 hours more bouncing, laughing, silliness and fun than most other rental companies offer. We believe very strongly that everyone should get a truly great value for the money they spend on their entrainment.

- Our rental period is from 12pm and can go to as late as 8pm in the summer, 7pm during the spring, 6pm in the fall and 5pm in the winter months.

- Some items and services may have earlier or later set up and collection times, based on the nature of use for the items.

- We do offer premium add on options for guaranteed earlier or later pick ups.

Q.What is a silent party?
Hate going to parties or events because you usually don't care for the music played at them?


With a Silent Party you and your guests can choose which music they listen to. Instead of one source of music being played out over a traditionally very loud speaker system. The Silent Party allows for all guests to CRANK UP the FUN with their own individual musical experience. DJ Hopper's Silent Party allows you to stream music, movies, and all other audio media, to up to three (3) different receivers. These receivers then use radio frequency waves to transmit a signal to wireless headphones. Each DJ Hopper's Silent Party headphone has three different channels they can tune in to. So with three different receivers, each streaming a different type of music, each guest wearing a headphone can choose which music they prefer to listen and party out to. DJ Hopper's receivers can be used with all streaming devices, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, mp3 players, et, and yes, real live DJs and bands can also connect their equipment to our receivers and keep the party going all event long. With DJ Hopper's Silent Party you can play up to three different genres or styles of music which will give your guests the freedom to tune in, and out of, a variety of great music all event long,

Tired of trying to compete with the outrageously loud music when you want to have conversations with family, friends or co-workers when at a party or event?


With traditional party and event audio systems the music is usually pumped out at very high volumes to get the crowd amped up and to set the party mood. For most, this is exactly why they go to parties and events, to listen to loud music and to dance. Some of your guests ,however, may not really care for loud music, or dancing, and simply want to attend the event to socialize and enjoy great conversations with family, friends or co-workers. These guests may feel like they have to compete with the really loud sounds echoing throughout your venue. DJ Hopper's Silent Party gives all of your guests what they want: the ability to rock out to really loud music streaming in their headphones, or the ability to enjoy the silence and have meaning and memorable conversations. Everyone will enjoy themselves in their own way, and create their own lasting memories of your event that they will look back on for many years to come. Isn't this what you would love to see for all of your guests? Speaking of seeing, check out our Hopper Razzi or Snap Expressions Photo Book Rentals. Photos say a thousand words, but a photo book creates thousands of memories!

Ever had a burning desire to "DJ" your own party or event, but don't have all of the fancy equipment nor mad mixing skills?


With DJ Hopper’s Silent Party you can be your own DJ and CRANK UP the FUN with the music your guests will want to listen to all event long. Simply use your streaming apps to create your own playlists(it’s ok if you simply download playlists created by others, we won’t tell) then connect your streaming device to one of the Silent Party receivers. Create or download up to three (3) different playlists and connect each one to a receiver using separate streaming devices. You can use your iPhone, Android device, iPad, Tablet, laptop and any other streaming device you may have. Do you have mad DJ skills and equipment? Hook up to our receivers and spin away!! With DJ Hopper’s Silent Party you can have complete control over the event’s entertainment!

Think you know your guests and can win them over with your music prowess in an "Epic 3 Way DJ Battle", and have them all dancing to your tracks?


Want to really CRANK UP the FUN? Get a couple of your friends and have a DJ Battle. Up to three (3) DJs can each play their own plays lists and try to win the crowd over to their music You’ll be able to see in real time who is listening to what set by the LED colors lit up in their headphones. If your playlist is connected to Channel 2, for example, which lights up Red when being listened to on each headphone, you'll be able to see all of the guests who are rocking out to your playlist. Are you seeing a sea of Red? Are you the DJ Master? Not seeing enough of the color that corresponds to your connected channel? Try tweaking your playlist, or abandon it all together, for a new, fresh sound to win your guests over to your set. So do you have what it takes? We believe you do Either way, you, your fellow DJs, and all of your guests will have a blast.

Is your neighborhood, town, city or even your party or event's venue, trying to take away your musical freedom with boring and burdensome noise restrictions?


With DJ Hopper's Silent Party you no longer have to worry about how late it is and if you are breaking any noise ordinance or restrictions. Because the loud, pulsing music will only be heard in your guest's headphones, you can CRANK UP the FUN all night long and in to the early hours of the morning. Regain your music and dance freedom with DJ Hopper's Silent Party.

Do you enjoy, as much as DJ Hopper does, watching your friends, family or co-workers boldly singing (usually way off key) when they wear headphones, because they get lost in the music and forget they are not alone?


With DJ Hopper's Silent Party your guests wearing the 3 Channel LED Headphones will get lost in the magic of their very own personal music and dance experience. Many of them will forget there are other people around and will let their true, inner rock star or dancing champion loose. With everyone singing to their own tunes and showing of their own, unglue dance moves, the laughs and fun are sure to CRANK UP and you an all of your guests not wearing headphones will experience the party in silent movie mode.
If you have any other questions, please feel free to call us any time at: (910) 543-1619

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