Golf Pong
Golf Pong


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Introducing Golf Pong - the ultimate party game that combines the excitement of golf with the competitive spirit of beer pong! Whether you're hosting a backyard barbecue, a birthday bash, or a corporate event, Golf Pong is guaranteed to be a hit among guests of all ages.

Golf Pong is played with a set of specially designed golf-themed cups and golf balls. The objective of the game is simple: just like in beer pong, players take turns trying to sink their golf balls into the opponent's cups. Each successful shot results in the opponent having to drink the contents of the cup.

What sets Golf Pong apart is its unique golf-themed twist. The cups are adorned with eye-catching golf graphics, featuring iconic golf course landscapes and vibrant colors. This adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the game, making it a perfect addition to any golf-themed event or party.

Not only is Golf Pong a fun and engaging game, but it also offers numerous benefits. It helps improve hand-eye coordination, precision, and strategic thinking. Plus, it provides an opportunity for friendly competition and bonding among players.

At Silly Hopper’s, we take pride in offering high-quality and well-maintained Golf Pong sets for rent. Our sets include everything you need to get the game going, including the cups, golf balls, and a detailed instruction manual. We ensure that all our equipment is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before each rental, so you can enjoy the game worry-free.

Whether you're a golf enthusiast looking to add some excitement to your next golf outing or a party planner aiming to create a memorable event, Golf Pong is the perfect choice. Book today to reserve your Golf Pong set and take your party to the next level!

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