BulziBucket Toss Game
BulziBucket Toss Game


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Introducing Silly Hopper's BULZIBUCKET Toss Game rentals, the ultimate outdoor game that guarantees hours of laughter and friendly competition!

The BULZIBUCKET Toss Game features two sets of colorful buckets and soft hacky sack balls. The objective is simple: toss the balls into the buckets and earn points. But here's the twist - each bucket has a different scoring zone, adding an element of strategy and challenge to the game. Players can test their accuracy and aim by aiming for the smaller scoring zones or go for the big points by landing a ball in the center of the bucket.

So, why settle for ordinary party games when you can take your event to the next level with Silly Hopper's BULZIBUCKET Toss Game?  Book today and let the fun begin!

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